Orb Deluxe
About Orb Deluxe games:

Game projects created by Chris Mitchell (game concepts, engineering, testing, writing, graphics, sound).

Tiles and The Garbler were co-created with Mary Chase (game concepts, testing, graphics, writing).

Please note: these games include software in development and are presented as-is. Inquiries and suggestions are welcome (email Chris: lensman00@yahoo.com).

Ballpit Bulldozers - download game file

New (August 2014): I'm not sure when I'll get around to building a proper android APK of Ballpit Bulldozers, so in the meantime here's a zip file with game files that can be sideloaded and run using the love2d android executable. After installing the LOVE for android apk on your device, put the files from the zip in the /sdcard/lovegame folder. Launch LOVE for android and the game should run. This version adds swipe/tap controls and some mobile-friendly UI for restart and quit. I still hope to release the full APK port of the alpha version in the future.

Description: race to push bouncing balls into the ballpit with your bulldozer in the allotted time. This physics game was developed using a system called Love2d and will require a copy of the multiplatform Love2d interpreter to play, in addition to the game file.

The Longest Drift

compact build (experimental)

The Longest Drift is a simulation of survival at sea. Try to outwit nature with limited resources as you drift in a life raft toward rescue. The game was inspired in part by the book Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea by Steven Callahan.

Note: The Longest Drift doesn't currently include sound or music but I sometimes play with this mp3 track of mine playing in the background: Spiral 9.

Thanks to Nacho for play-testing the initial alpha version of The Longest Drift. Thanks also to everyone from /r/SurvivalGaming and /r/WebGames who took the time to play and especially those who left feedback.

version history

The Garbler (screenshot)

The Garbler is a mean monster from a mysterious planet who scrambles sentences. The player makes corrections, receiving feedback in real time and progressing through a dozen sentences.


Based on mahjong solitaire, Tiles is a matching game that offers an alternative to flashcard drilling. This playable demo includes a small set of basic English vocabulary tiles for ESL learners.

Instructions: Select any tile that is showing AND is free of neighbors either to the right OR to the left. Pairs, when selected, will disappear and make more potential matches available.


Alternate version of Tiles, with a mining theme and special scoring system.

Shipwrecked - download game file

Explore the mysteries of a deserted island in this text adventure.

Shipwrecked was developed using a system called Inform and requires a Z-machine interpreter such as the multiplatform Frotz to play, in addition to the game file.

contact info:

Chris: lensman00@yahoo.com